Frank and Joy

Dear Gary;


When Joy and I first discussed the idea of construction of a pool, we began looking around for a pool contractor. Those with whom we spoke didn’t impress us or weren’t even interested in taking a job “way out here”. We were beginning to have second thoughts about building a pool.


We were in the process of finishing an addition to the home, and the gentleman with whom we contracted to make us a wrought iron gate came out to install it. I was home that day and in our discussion I happened to mention that we were thinking about building a pool but couldn’t find a reputable pool contractor. He told me that he had a very large pond at home (that he was obviously very proud of) and one of the rocks fell out of the waterfall. It was in the middle and too big to replace. He couldn’t decide what to do. He said that a friend told him about Gary McDonald & Son and that you “re-created” the missing rock for him. He said no one could tell it from the real one. He said that he had seen pictures of some of your custom “rock pools” and they were incredible! I certainly concur with that statement. I contacted you and the rest is history!


Joy and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional way in which you presented your product and the “design” options open to us. We also wish to thank you for the elegant design and construction of our pool. The planning, although severely interrupted by the unusual weather on numerous occasions, was well executed. Despite the rugged terrain, rock and un-expected rock formations found during the excavating, you managed to sculpt a beautiful creation that takes full advantage of our property and fits so well into the surrounding environment.


Your key players, Aaron and William, as well as the rest of the construction crew, were a delight to us. They were courteous and thoughtful. They kept us informed as to the construction schedule and when they were in doubt regarding a detail on the project we were always included in the decision-making. We applaud this professional attitude. When we brought up concerns, Gary, you were there immediately to discuss whatever the issue. This too, we applaud!


There is a product on the market that I think of every time we have visitors and they comment on our pool -CONSTANT COMMENT! Naturally your product isn’t tea, but the name is relevant.


Some of the comments made: “Boy, it must have cost a fortune to have all those BIG BOULDERS hauled up here!” , “It looks so natural!” , “How did they make the rock look so natural, it looks just like the rest of the rocks around here!” , “How did they do it?” , “It looks like a big lagoon!” , “Would you look at the color of those rocks!” , “That water looks just like it disappears over a cliff!” , “What a spectacular site!” , “It makes you want to just jump in!”


I’m sure that you hear this from your customers all of the time. Well anyway, you get the general idea. It goes without saying that we are absolutely delighted with the pool from the contract to the special help we received in “startup” from Susan. What a winning combination you have created. It was a memorable experience and that is what “the good life” is all about, memorable experiences.


We wish you and your company success in the future. Keep the Gary McDonald and Son, Inc. legend growing. We’ll do our small part!


Frank and Joy

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