Dear Gary McDonald,


While this letter is to you, your son, Aaron, and your wonderful “family” of employees, I want you to use it any way you wish so that others may know the quality of work that goes into even the smallest of projects.


When I asked you to design a small spa and adjacent pool no larger than 15 x 8 feet, in our long narrow garden space with many easement limitations, you were able to visualize it within ten minutes or less in the perfect location. I was particularly impressed with your reverence for trees and other existing plants.


The result is stunning – like the small corner of Yosemite, waterfall and all – transforming our garden into a mini-paradise.


We have contracted several projects in our home – painting, flooring, the addition of a studio, etc. – and the usual procedure is that a crew arrives for the first day or two and creates total chaos, then they don’t show up for several days because they are working on another job at the same time.


William, Amador and Guillermo were on the job every day until it was finished. When the hard labor of digging the pool and the ditches for plumbing was done, they turned into artists – sculpting the crude forms of cement into individual boulders with plaster and natural dyes. And, in spite of the heat and intensity of work, they were always cheerful and smiling.


I want to put in a special word for Aaron, who dealt so nimbly with Tiburon’s Design Review Board and Building Inspector. And to you, Gary, my thanks for your vision and dedication.


Sincerely, Joan

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